"Two big pluses; the Sonnen DID function properly yesterday when we lost GA Power for about 2 hours and internet connectivity has been re-established! During the severe weather activity that passed over Savannah mid afternoon, we lost power momentarily and the house A/C shut down. I looked at the Sonnen and it indicated 98% battery charged. The outside GA Power 'smartmeter' was totally blank, however the refridgerator in the kitchen, the bedroom light and my communication gear were still online. As a power backup system, yesterday was our first experience and the 'shakedown' was successful! We are 'happppy campers'! Thanks to Hannah Solar and the entire crew who installed and made our 7.6 kWp Canadian Solar panel array, the Sunny Boy and the Sonnen 16 work together as an integral system. Hannah Solar ROCKS!" -Sonnen Customer

“We were looking to build a relationship with an experienced and reliable turn-key solar integrator to refer to our member public power systems and their customers-- we’re confident that we’ve found a trustworthy solar partner to work with in Hannah Solar.” -John Giles, President and CEO of Electric Cities of Georgia

“From the leadership on the ground to the installers on the roof, Hannah Solar has the nicest group of people I have ever had the opportunity to work with, and that is just beautiful.” -John Rabun, Solarize Tybee Customer